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Award Ceremonies

IMG_6401 IMG_6405 IMG_6409 IMG_6412 IMG_6419 IMG_6424 IMG_6429 IMG_6432 IMG_6438 IMG_6504 Laser Master Worlds Champions

Laser Master Worlds Day 7


IMX_18440 IMX_18387 IMX_18201 IMG_5432 IMG_4810

Laser Master Worlds Day 6


IMG_3063 IMG_3094 IMG_3311 IMG_3374 IMG_3770 IMG_3861 IMG_3933 IMG_4015 IMG_4138 IMG_4169

Laser Master Worlds Day 4

IMG_0670 IMG_1055

Above:  Kevin Phillips AUS



Above: (center)  Jean-Pierre Kiekens CANIMG_2252

Above: (left) Jean-Pierre Vogtensperger FRA




Laser Master Worlds Day 3

IMG_0176 IMG_0284 IMG_0304 IMG_0457 IMG_8255 IMG_8288 IMG_8336 IMG_8651 IMG_8874 IMG_9855

Laser Master Worlds Day 2

IMG_8019 IMG_8017
IMG_8142 IMG_8140 IMG_8134 IMG_8107 IMG_8034


Laser Master Worlds Day 1 Racing

IMG_5652 IMG_5805 IMG_5859 IMG_6312 IMG_6612 IMG_6893 IMG_7141 IMG_7200 IMG_7304 IMG_7446


Practice Race (July 11)
IMG_4886 IMG_4889 IMG_4920 IMG_4934 IMG_4971 IMG_5031 IMG_5103 IMG_5214 IMX_1014 IMX_1036


Measurement and Registration Day (July 10)

IMG_4778 IMG_4780 IMG_4786 IMG_4794 IMG_4799 IMG_4803 IMG_4811 IMG_4813 IMG_4828 IMG_4834 IMG_4859